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sharp left/right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsharp left/rightsharp left/rightTURN British English if you turn sharp left or right, you make a sudden change of direction to the left or right You turn sharp right at the crossroads. sharp
Examples from the Corpus
sharp left/rightTurn sharp left 80yds before a conifer windbreak.Pass over a broken wall and turn sharp right.She walked almost to the edge of the cliff, where the road made a sharp left.Turn sharp right downhill and uphill to go through another gate.For this you turn sharp right off the road from Saint-Jean to Saint-Palais, about half-way between those two towns.Turn left along this road for three quarters of a mile until the road turns sharp right to become Marsh Road.We made a rocky, wet entry, and then took a sharp right turn along a wall.There was a sharp left turn at the bottom into Ruskin Road.
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