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sharp tongue

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsharp tonguesharp tongueTALK TO somebodyif you have a sharp tongue, you often talk in a way that shows you are angry Gina’s sharp tongue will get her into trouble one day. tongue
Examples from the Corpus
sharp tongueOnly that you have a sharp tongue and an undisciplined sister, neither of which attributes I find endearing.They opened their mouths to show her sharp tongues and teeth, ready to bite, gobble her up.She was still slightly in awe of Violette, her worldliness, her sharp tongue.How I try to punish my parents with my sharp tongue.If Toyah cuts that easily she'd better watch herself on Linda's sharp tongue.Nobody but nobody commented on Maggie's shapely form - not unless they wanted acid dripping on them from that sharp tongue.Oh, she has the sharpest tongue!The men are white-haired and silent, the women dark-haired with sharp tongues.
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