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sharpenersharp‧en‧er /ˈʃɑːpənə, ˈʃɑːpnə $ ˈʃɑːrpənər, ˈʃɑːrpnər/ noun [countable]  sharpener.jpg Da tool or machine for sharpening pencils, knives etc
Examples from the Corpus
sharpenerThe Karisma Art Holder from Berol is a slick, functional pencil with a cleverly concealed sharpener, for artists and designers.Also patron of infantrymen, knife sharpeners, swordsmiths, and weavers; he is invoked against gout.I had a little sharpener to keep the points just right.The crayons can be sharpened in an ordinary sharpener as long as it's designed to take the thicker pencils or crayons.His leg sort of jams into the plastic like a pencil into a pencil sharpener.He turned the sharpener slowly, keeping his eye on the lead.
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