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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshatteredshat‧tered /ˈʃætəd $ -ərd/ adjective [not before noun]  1 SHOCKvery shocked and upset I wasn’t just disappointed, I was absolutely shattered.2 British English informalTIRED very tired syn exhausted By the time we got home we were both shattered.see thesaurus at tired
Examples from the Corpus
shatteredI've had a terrible day at the office and I'm absolutely shattered.When he came out of the exam he felt shattered.My dream of the religious life is shattered.The china money jar on the kitchen mantelpiece that contained their emergency funds lay shattered and empty on the floor.In that broken place, rocks and shattered boulders lay in a half-circle, ruinous pines growing among them.The instruments were shattered, but the controls and engine were functioning except the latter was spewing coolant vapour.A black van reversed through the shattered remains of the main gate and the back doors were thrown open.Houses where families have lived for generations are left as blackened, shattered skeletons.The Collector's hands trembled so badly that he had to rest the telescope on the shattered window sill.The earth cracked like a shattered windscreen.
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