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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshatteringshat‧ter‧ing /ˈʃætərɪŋ/ adjective  1 SHOCKvery shocking and upsetting His mother’s death was a shattering blow.2 British English informalTIRED making you very tired syn exhausting I’ve had a shattering day.
Examples from the Corpus
shatteringGunpowder is still made use of in those quarries where a splitting rather than a shattering action is required.They provide backing for such shattering conclusions as the following: s fly.Some people live with a more or less permanent anxiety that this shattering event could happen at any time.Amid all these shattering events I had little time to try to find out what had happened to Eric.She heard the crash of shattering glass as the cars clashed.As he threw the bag to the floor, it landed with a sound of shattering glass which left him feeling sick.At the moment of its shattering hell would implode on them from all directions.Finally, there had been the last few months, when everything had fallen apart with such shattering swiftness.He related his shattering war experiences in his autobiography.
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