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sheafsheaf /ŹƒiĖf/ noun (plural sheaves /ŹƒiĖvz/) [countable] šŸ”Š šŸ”Š 1 GROUP OF THINGSseveral pieces of paper held or tied togethersheaf of šŸ”Š He laid a sheaf of documents on the desk.2 TACa bunch of wheat, corn etc tied together after it has been cut
Examples from the Corpus
sheafā€¢ He had a sheaf of papers under his arm.ā€¢ He would hand her a sheaf of uncounted bank notes, which she received without a word of thanks.ā€¢ I saw her put a sheaf of notes into her briefcase.ā€¢ Wendy stood up nervously, taking a sheaf of papers from her bag.ā€¢ The house looked much the same, except that a sheaf of cream and red tulips had suddenly bloomed by the front door.ā€¢ Stephanie appeared with a sheaf of papers.ā€¢ McGarron had installed himself on the bed, and was looking through his sheaf of papers.ā€¢ Instead of driving a modern combine harvester, he's using a binder to cut the corn into sheaves.ā€¢ Quickly the rows were gathered into sheaves and tied.ā€¢ The mowers went out into the little fields of wheat and oats, and the sheaves stood yellow in the stubble.sheaf ofā€¢ She stood up and took a sheaf of papers out of her bag.
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