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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsheavessheaves /ʃiːvz/  x-refthe plural of sheaf
Examples from the Corpus
sheavesFences may also be used for hay, but are not suitable for corn-bound in sheaves.Instead of driving a modern combine harvester, he's using a binder to cut the corn into sheaves.Rows of sacks stood like dark harvest sheaves.Quickly the rows were gathered into sheaves and tied.He was standing in the centre of the corridor with sheaves of documents sprouting from his fists.If so, it doesn't seem to have worked - there's still sheaves of the stuff to come.All night long the ambulances were busy gathering in the sheaves of this fearful harvest.The mowers went out into the little fields of wheat and oats, and the sheaves stood yellow in the stubble.
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