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shed light

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshed lightshed lighta) to make something easier to understand, by providing new or better informationshed light on Recent research has shed light on the causes of the disease. Investigators hope to shed light on what started the fire. b) if something sheds light, it lights the area around it The lamp shed a harsh yellow light. shed
Examples from the Corpus
shed lightPodesta's role sheds light on both questions.The extent of Hygeberht's authority perhaps sheds light on Offa's principal area of interest.Eastin and her task force hope to shed light on the challenge by early next year.Therefore they shed light on the comparative institutional questions with which we are concerned.A fretful wind was not enough to open them and shed light on the ruptured earth in which they lay.An analysis of the results should shed light on the workings of the Northern Ireland labour market.Brophy said the man was not considered a suspect, but investigators hope he can shed light on what started the blaze.
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