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shed tears

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshed tearsshed tearsespecially literaryCRY to cry She had not shed a single tear during the funeral. shed
Examples from the Corpus
shed tearsI imagine a few tears will be shed at Monica's farewell party.While women were increasingly associated with weakness and emotion, by 1860 men no longer dared embrace in public or shed tears.As the train drew out our dear friends on the platform blew kisses, shed tears and waved their handkerchiefs.Likewise, when she shed tears for her son, she did it when she was alone.I had persevered, and I shed tears more in relief than in pain.She wouldn't shed tears over that ... that brute.Richard Simmons sheds tears over them.He shed tears the way a flower sheds petals, they fell to the ground, lay scattered round his feet.
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