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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsheensheen /ʃiːn/ noun [singular, uncountable]  SHINYa soft smooth shiny appearance Her hair had a lovely coppery sheen.
Examples from the Corpus
sheenA sheen of perspiration soon covered Ron's forehead.The songs featured tight, focused melodies polished to a bright sheen with stacks of overdubbed guitars and studio effects.A fine sheen of sweat glazed his heavy, quivering jowls.A light sheen of perspiration covered his upper lip.They were cloudy colours, pale and subtle with the milky sheen of pearls.A nesting cormorant glared at us with green eyes, its black feathers glossed with a purple sheen.Her elegant dress had a silver sheen.Years later, I would think of their sheen as being rather like the membranes enclosing viruses I had read about.In their studio, gritty Delta edges were given a smooth, appealing, urban sheen that crossed easily over racial lines.
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