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Language: Old English
Origin: sceap


Related topics: Animals
sheep S2 W3 plural sheep [countable]
1HBA a farm animal that is kept for its wool and its meat:
Sheep were grazing on the hillside.
a sheep farmer
flock of sheep (=a group of sheep)

like sheep

if people behave like sheep, they do not think independently, but follow what everyone else does or thinks:
Tourists were led around like sheep, from shrine to souvenir shop.

separate the sheep from the goats

British English to find out which people are intelligent, skilful, successful etc, and which are not:
This test should really separate the sheep from the goats.

make sheep's eyes at somebody

old-fashioned to look at someone in a way that shows you love them
black sheep

; ➔ count sheep

at count1 (12)

; ➔ a wolf in sheep's clothing

at wolf1 (2)

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