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sheepdogsheep‧dog /ˈʃiːpdɒɡ $ -dɒːɡ/ noun [countable]  1 TAHBAa dog that is trained to control sheep2 sheep_dog.jpg DHPa dog of a type that is often used for controlling sheep Old English sheepdog
Examples from the Corpus
sheepdogHe had seen a sheepdog trial in Cumbria: amazing creatures.Moreover, the most difficult tricks to teach a sheepdog are those most removed from its ancestral hunting skills.He had turned from a beer-bellied, ranting bear into a well-groomed, grumbling sheepdog.I was returning along a path and, when passing an isolated croft, a man and his sheepdog emerged.Surprisingly, relatively few women saw sheepdog work as a useful contribution they could make to the farm.Lesson: never let an unfriendly sheepdog get behind you.
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