Language: Old English
Origin: scyte


Related topics: Household, Water
sheet S2 W2 [countable]

for a bed

DH a large piece of thin cloth that you put on a bed to lie on or lie under [↪ blanket, duvet]:
I'll go and find you some clean sheets and blankets.
white cotton sheets
change the sheets (=put clean sheets on a bed)


a piece of paper for writing on, or containing information
sheet of
a sheet of paper with names and numbers on it
clean/blank sheet of paper (=one with no writing on it)

thin flat piece

a thin flat piece of something such as metal or glass, that usually has four sides
sheet of
a sheet of glass
sheet metal

large flat area

a large flat area of something such as ice or water spread over a surface
sheet of
A sheet of ice covered the lake.

of rain/fire

a sheet of rain or fire is a very large moving mass of it
sheet of
Sheets of flame shot into the air.
in sheets
The rain was coming down in sheets.

on a ship

technicalTTW a rope or chain attached to a sail on a ship that controls the angle between a sail and the wind

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