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shell-shockedˈshell-shocked adjective  1 informalCONFUSED feeling tired, confused, or anxious because of a recent difficult experience2 MI old-fashioned mentally ill because of the terrible experiences of war
Examples from the Corpus
shell-shockedIreland must have left Twickenham shell-shocked.Perhaps all three universities in the league were still shell-shocked after being well beaten by the top Pizza clubs last Saturday.Cindy looked a little shell-shocked after her driving test.The other night I woke in panic, shell-shocked from the Gulf War.He watched as Gilbert exchanged a look with an equally shell-shocked Frye ... and then hurried quickly towards the reception door.It's similar to staggering shell-shocked in alien territory occupied solely by foreboding empty skyscrapers.In shell-shocked silence she sat, huddled in her seat as they drove away from the hospital.
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