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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshelteredshel‧tered /ˈʃeltəd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 a sheltered life/childhood/upbringing etc2 PROTECTa place that is sheltered is protected from extreme weather conditions a sheltered valley3 sheltered accommodation/housing
Examples from the Corpus
shelteredHousing associations as well as local authorities are involved in the provision of sheltered accommodation.That night we slid into Tomb Bay, where Lycian rock tombs glare over a sheltered bight and cicadas yell from oleanders.Increased competition and easier industrial collaboration in a less sheltered defence market will not save jobs.The girls give the impression of children of a particularly sheltered family.We could have built many schools, sheltered housing schemes and sports centres with those millions of pounds.What a sheltered life she leads, in her self-built lavender ghetto.Let's find a nice sheltered spot for a picnic.We sighted a fishing boat in the distance, a sure sign of more sheltered water.
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