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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshenanigansshe‧nan‧i‧gans /ʃəˈnænɪɡənz/ noun [plural] informal  BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSbad behaviour that is not very serious, or slightly dishonest activities She wouldn’t put up with his shenanigans. financial shenanigans
Examples from the Corpus
shenanigansNobody doubts the honest endeavour on the field, but will that be undermined by off-field shenanigans?Plus, the speaker will be watched like a hawk for any signs of hubris or further financial shenanigans.May I have a simple answer, yes or no, and no shenanigans?A brief summary is in order for those of you not inclined to keep track of shenanigans and other assorted tomfoolery.It's shenanigans between the sheets, Lewis!But such shenanigans were mere hiccoughs compared with what was going on with Labour.The consumption of large quantities of beer has always played an important role in all these shenanigans.She wouldn't put up with shenanigans with Angela Brickell.
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