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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshipownership‧own‧er /ˈʃɪpəʊnə $ -oʊnər/ noun [countable]  someone who owns one or more ships
Examples from the Corpus
shipownerHe entered the service of Henry Oughtred of Southampton, a major international merchant and shipowner.In 1874 she married Edward Langtry, son of a Belfast shipowner.The defendant shipowner was under a statutory duty to provide pens for cattle on board his ship.In 1925 the ship was bought by a Glasgow shipowner who planned to convert her to a nautical museum.If the cargo owner was not in privity of contract, the shipowner might need protection against claims in tort.Then the shipowner had gone into hiding.The shipowner had protested his innocence, claiming that the loss of his ship was genuine.In this case the money came from a single, wealthy shipowner who attended his chapel.
From Longman Business Dictionaryshipownership‧owner /ˈʃɪpˌəʊnə-ˌoʊnər/ noun [countable] a person or company that owns a ship or shipsinsurance organizations providing oil pollution coverage for shipowners
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