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shipwreckship‧wreck1 /ˈʃɪp-rek/ noun  1 TTW[countable, uncountable] the destruction of a ship in an accident survivors of the shipwreck narrowly escaping shipwreck2 [countable] a ship that has been destroyed in an accident syn wreck
Examples from the Corpus
shipwreckIt was like a shipwreck, where the resourceful child passenger becomes the first mate.Morgan was the lone survivor of a shipwreck off the California coast.Her appearance here would presage a shipwreck, the candle lighting the way for pall bearers who would follow.The story of the ill-fated Tek Sing remained a mystery until a shipwreck dive team made a chance discovery.The shelves hold books about shipwrecks and pumpkins.The boat pitched and cracked all the way back to shore, with McMurphy telling grim tales about shipwrecks and sharks.The San Agustin is the oldest known shipwreck on the California coast.These islands have a history of shipwrecks and smuggling.Divers discovered a 450-year-old shipwreck near here.
shipwreckshipwreck2 verb   be shipwrecked
Examples from the Corpus
shipwreckHe, a poor shipwrecked man, had equal honor with her.Like being shipwrecked on an island a raft - together.Bridges also had become known for his mapping of the territory and for the aid he rendered to shipwrecked sailors.It therefore did everything it could to shipwreck such a process.I am like a shipwrecked survivor holding fast to the debris, awaiting the arrival of the scheduled liner.
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