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Shirley Temple

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishShirley TempleShir‧ley Tem‧ple /ˌʃɜːli ˈtempəl $ ˌʃɜːr-/ noun  a popular drink for children in the US, made from lemonade and grenadine (=a sweet red liquid), and served with a cherry. Shirley Temples are usually served in restaurants, and they are sometimes called roy rogers if they are served to boys. see also Temple, ShirleyTemple, ShirleyShirley TempleTemple, Shir‧ley /ˈʃɜːli $ ˈʃɜːr-/  (1928–2014) a US child actress who was very popular during the 1930s. She sang and danced and had blond curly hair, and is best known for singing the song On the Good Ship Lollipop. Her films include Little Miss Marker (1934) and Heidi (1937). As an adult she became Shirley Temple Black, and worked as an ambassador for the US government.
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