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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshirtsleeveshirt‧sleeve /ˈʃɜːtsliːv $ ˈʃɜːrt-/ noun  1 in (your) shirtsleeves2 [countable usually plural] the part of a shirt that covers your arm
Examples from the Corpus
shirtsleeveOssie was standing there in waistcoat and shirtsleeves.He had his shirtsleeves rolled up and his arms folded like piled-up hocks of ham.Men in shirtsleeves and women in summer dresses were strolling around the airport and ice-cream vendors were doing a brisk trade.I shivered with the cold and realized I was in shirtsleeves.I took off my jacket and rolled up my shirtsleeves.At the State House, men in their shirtsleeves were packing papers into boxes.People stroll in their shirtsleeves, and sit at sidewalk cafés.These hands, and the crisp white shirtsleeves that lead away from them, are the only signs of me in the room.
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