Language: Old English
Origin: scite


2 noun
shit2 S2 spoken not polite

body waste

a) [uncountable] solid waste that comes out of your body from your bowels:
a car covered in bird shit
b) [singular] an act of getting rid of solid waste from your bowels
take a shit also have a shit British English

something bad

[uncountable] something that you think is bad or of very bad quality, or a bad situation:
I'm not eating that shit!

stupid/untrue talk

[uncountable] something that someone says that you think is stupid or untrue [= nonsense]:
You expect me to believe that shit?
You're full of shit (=the things you say are stupid or untrue).

not give a shit (what/whether/about etc)

to not care at all about something or someone [= not give a damn]:
I don't give a shit what you think!

have/get the shits

MI to have or get diarrhoea (=an illness in which solid waste comes out of your body in a much more liquid form than usual)

take/put up with shit (from somebody)

to allow someone to behave badly or treat you badly


[countable] someone who is very unpleasant and treats other people badly

feel/look like shit

to feel or look very ill, or to not look as neat and clean as you should

treat somebody like shit

to treat someone very badly

somebody's possessions

American English [uncountable] someone's possessions, especially the things they have with them:
Get your shit together then come on over.

shit happens

used to say that sometimes bad things happen, and people cannot always prevent them from happening

... and shit

used to say that there are more details that you could mention, but it should be clear to someone else what you mean:
You said you had maps and shit.

no shit

American English
a) used to express surprise or to check whether what someone has just said is true:
'I can get you one for $50.' 'No shit?'
b) used to emphasize that what you are saying is true, or to agree that what someone else says is true:
They had like, no shit, 40 different kinds of beer.

in deep shit

also in the shit British English in a lot of trouble [= in big trouble]

beat/kick etc the shit out of somebody

to beat, kick etc someone so violently that they are badly injured

give somebody shit

to insult someone or criticize them

the shit hits the fan

used to say that there will be a lot of trouble when someone finds out about something

➔ be hot shit

at hot1 (4)

; ➔ tough shit!

at tough1 (8)

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