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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshiveryshiv‧er‧y /ˈʃɪvəri/ adjective [not before noun]  COLDFRIGHTENEDtrembling or shaking because of cold, fear, or illness He felt shivery and nauseous.see thesaurus at cold
Examples from the Corpus
shiveryReaction to the violence of her own feelings had left her shivery.It seems he first complained of a headache and feeling shivery a couple of days ago.Despite the heat of the afternoon, she felt shivery, and guessed it was delayed shock.This one was the worst so far, and it left her feeling shivery and nauseous.I wasn't shivery any more.The strings unfold a sequence of shivery chords, and voice and oboe briefly entwine before the singer is left in solitude.The surgeon prodded the shivery flesh, searching for the tumour that must be removed.
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