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shock/curiosity/novelty etc value

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshock/curiosity/novelty etc valueshock/curiosity/novelty etc valueATTRACTa good or interesting quality that something has because it is surprising, different, new etc After the initial curiosity value, the product’s sales dropped considerably. value
Examples from the Corpus
shock/curiosity/novelty etc valueThey have a certain curiosity value, I suppose, but no merit otherwise.Anything that is done for shock value has no future because it's done for the moment.And I think it actually has more shock value than the first one.This version by Northern Stage rather downplays the shock value of that final betrayal, which is certainly a flaw.Apart from the novelty value of this, there is the advantage of speed of execution.This improvement in health could possibly be attributed to the novelty value of having a new puppy or kitten in the house.The company opened a string of themed stores that have lost their novelty value.
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