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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshockershock‧er /ˈʃɒkə $ ˈʃɑːkər/ noun [countable] informal  SHOCKa film, news story, action etc that shocks you – used especially in news reports TV star in drugs shocker!
Examples from the Corpus
shockerThis film may be a shocker, but as well as being very sexy it's also pretty funny at times.I was a shocker when I was younger.I rarely pay attention to market forecasts, but this was a shocker.Nestor followed with his shocker over Edberg.The big screen shocker is just part of ex-Beatle McCartney's up-front tactics campaign against whaling.Once he used to write short sharp shockers you couldn't put down.Listeners preparing to bone up on the one-act Strauss shocker opening Oct. 18 should consider this Vienna production.
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