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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshodshod /ʃɒd $ ʃɑːd/ adjective especially literary  wearing shoes of the type mentionedwell/elegantly/badly etc shod The children were well shod and happy.shod in His large feet were shod in trainers. shoe2
Examples from the Corpus
shodThere, sure enough, was a neatly shod foot, and a hand just visible close to it.Its steel shod hooves sent sparks off the stones, like portents.Boden has written an excellent shod introduction to the theory.A shod note accompanied the card, informing me that it had been found on Oberleutnant Bauer's body.Next the unrealized plan for a full-length novel, Confession, which got switched to the shod Notes from Underground.Climatic changes may be shod term, like El Nino, or long term, like global cooling or warming over millennia.The man looked around and then, almost absent-mindedly, drew a shod throwing knife from his bandolier and hurled it.
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