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shoot somebody a look/glance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoot somebody a look/glanceshoot somebody a look/glance (also shoot a glance at somebody)LOOK FOR to look at someone quickly, especially so that other people do not see, to show them how you feelshoot somebody a quick/sharp/warning etc look/glance ‘You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.’ Michelle shot him a furious glance. Jack shot an anxious look at his mother. shoot
Examples from the Corpus
shoot somebody a look/glanceNick and I shot a conspiratorial look at each other: this time we would refuse to fight.The team shot quizzical glances at their new addition but made no move to get rid of him.He shot me a look brimful of amusement, then drained his cup and sat back in the chair.She shot a worried glance down to the bottom of the yard.Joyce shot her a look in which surprise and indignation were nicely fused.Mandy shot her a look of pure astonishment.
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