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shopkeepershop‧keep‧er /ˈʃɒpˌkiːpə $ ˈʃɑːpˌkiːpər/ noun [countable] especially British English  BOSELLsomeone who owns or is in charge of a small shop syn storekeeper American English
Examples from the Corpus
shopkeeperMore than 70,000 shopkeepers have been forced to put up the shutters in the past year.Many immigrants have been highly successful as shopkeepers.One side kidnaps women over bungled drug deals, rapes other women, attacks shopkeepers and, occasionally, shoots the police.But the bad news for shopkeepers is good news for security specialists.He had failed miserably in an attempt to persuade a Goan shopkeeper to buy a shipment of canned milk.The money for the Christmas lights was raised by a group of local shopkeepers, who want to attract shoppers to the area.A lot of the smaller shopkeepers didn't have any insurance at all.To such scenes his narrator is introduced by the shopkeeper Gedali, believer in a peaceful Revolution.The shopkeeper chased the boys out of his shop, accusing them of stealing.
From Longman Business Dictionaryshopkeepershop‧keep‧er /ˈʃɒpˌkiːpəˈʃɑːpˌkiːpər/ noun [countable] especially British EnglishCOMMERCE someone who owns or is in charge of a small shop SYN storekeeper AmEMany shopkeepers are facing bankruptcy in the latest recession.
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