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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoppingshop‧ping /ˈʃɒpɪŋ $ ʃɑː-/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [uncountable]  1 BUYthe activity of going to shops and buying things Late-night shopping is becoming very popular.shopping expedition/trip She’s gone on a shopping trip to New York. I went on a shopping spree (=went shopping and bought a lot of things) at the weekend and spent far too much money. I’ve got to do some last-minute shopping. the busy Christmas shopping season window-shopping2 do the shopping3 British EnglishBUY the things that you have just bought from a shop Can you help me carry the shopping, please?COLLOCATIONSverbsgo shoppingShe skipped lunch in order to go shopping.do some/the/your shoppingI thought you wanted to do some shopping.NOUN + shopping Christmas shoppingSo you've done all your Christmas shopping, have you?grocery shoppingShe even enjoys grocery shopping.home shopping (=buying things at home, for example from a catalogue)shopping + NOUNa shopping expedition/tripHis shopping trip with Uncle Billy had been a thorough success.a shopping spree (=when you buy a lot of things)He admits to going on a shopping spree with someone else's credit card.a shopping list (=a list of what you need to buy, especially of food)Always take a shopping list so you are not tempted to buy things you do not need.
Examples from the Corpus
shoppingOr is the genuine Dublin culture to be found in the new sprawling suburbs with its run-down libraries and shopping malls?She arranged with the friend beside whom he was being rehoused to do his shopping on a regular basis.There's a range of fabulous large shopping malls, and don't miss Lake Cecil which offers excellent watersports.On Friday morning I take my neighbour shopping.Even now, he had never returned to the shopping mall.Ben listed his hobbies as watching TV, shopping, and going to the movies.When she went shopping to the town she wore a long, voluminous, dark-grey cloak of which she was very proud.shopping expedition/tripD' you feel like a shopping trip to New York?Pizza is how we make a shopping trip special when the purchases will not be for them.He was allegedly detained at the town's Safeway Supermarket after a Friday afternoon shopping expedition went wrong.Christmas was over, so we could hardly announce that she had gone on another shopping trip.Before the week is over, she will make several more shopping trips to put food on the dinner table.An ordinary shopping trip will leave you weary.Later in the day, after their shopping expedition, Jessica and Karen drove down to the docks.She used to really like those shopping trips to Nordstrom.
From Longman Business Dictionaryshoppingshop‧ping /ˈʃɒpɪŋˈʃɑː-/ noun [uncountable]COMMERCE the activity of going to shops to buy thingsShopping is now a major leisure industry.We always do the shopping (=buy food and other things needed regularly) on Fridays. home shopping window shopping
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