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shopping/pedestrian precinct

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshopping/pedestrian precinctshopping/pedestrian precinctBritish EnglishTTR an area of a town where people can walk and shop, and where cars are not allowed precinct
Examples from the Corpus
shopping/pedestrian precinctJames was found dead beside a railway line in Liverpool after disappearing from a shopping precinct in Bootle last month.They are usually found in town centres and shopping precincts.However, most cities now have some car-free space in the form of arcades, converted streets or purpose-built pedestrian precincts.For a modern, purpose-built resort it is surprisingly attractive, with its wood-clad buildings and cobbled shopping precincts.Continue through Headington shopping precinct until reaching Windmill Road traffic lights, turn right and continue until the roundabout.The life of a new shopping precinct may be no more than twenty years.The two-year-old disappeared 11 days ago from Bootle's Strand shopping precinct.The shopping precinct is full of teenagers gathered in small clusters, smoking, gossiping, laughing, scuffling.
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