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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshort-livedshort-lived /ˌʃɔːt ˈlɪvd◂ $ ˌʃɔːrt ˈlaɪvd◂/ ●○○ adjective  SHORT TIMEexisting or happening for only a short time Our happiness was short-lived.see thesaurus at short
Examples from the Corpus
short-livedHowever, the President's popularity may prove to be short-lived.We were glad to be home, but our happiness was short-lived.But the halcyon days were short-lived.However, his success was to be short-lived.They had a passionate but short-lived affair.That was fairly short-lived and the mill was sold in 1875, following the death of one of the partners.It was very short-lived but at the time it was a bit of a shock.And the slowest sales came for the short-lived candidacy of Sen.Whatever it might have been, it was short-lived so far as James was concerned.
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