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short notice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshort noticeshort noticeSUDDENLYif something is short notice, you are told about it only a short time before it happens I can’t make it Friday. It’s very short notice.at short notice British English, on short notice American English The party was arranged at short notice. short
Examples from the Corpus
short noticeFrieder could have a glut of scholarships available on short notice.His armour was piled not three yards away, arrayed ready to be donned at short notice.Our entire Fleet had to prepare for sortie on such short notice.I am very sorry to give you such short notice about this.The registry office couldn't marry them at such short notice and they must wait until the following day.When a march is organised at short notice, as much notice as practicable must be given.He was called in at short notice due to the unfortunate motor accident involving Design Director, Bill Naysmith.Part C. A short notice teaching session - 20 minutes.
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