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short-sightedˌshort-ˈsighted adjective  1 especially British EnglishMI unable to see objects clearly unless they are very close syn nearsighted American English opp long-sighted2 STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENTnot considering the possible effects in the future of something that seems good now – used to show disapproval opp far-sighted a short-sighted policy of reducing investment in trainingshort-sightedly adverbshort-sightedness noun [uncountable] Thanks to the government’s short-sightedness, our hospitals are very short of cash.
Examples from the Corpus
short-sightedShe was short-sighted a could not see into the auditorium.It must be confusing and I have no answer to the criticism, except to blame the clearly short-sighted attitude on management.According to the ancient wisdom, spiritual growth involves transcending the limited and short-sighted Ego to make way for the Self.His short-sighted eyes blinked at the stranger in his kitchen.She was being stupidly short-sighted in snapping at this man.In other words, he is a longer-term investor than the short-sighted institutions.The auction houses quite wisely retreated, leaving specialist dealers bemoaning what they alleged were short-sighted policies.Nevertheless, he is not so short-sighted that he can not catch a butterfly between his fingers.'Are you short-sighted then?' 'Yeah, can't see a thing without my lenses.'
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