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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshort-termismˌshort-ˈtermism noun [uncountable]  PLANa way of planning or thinking that is concerned only with what gives you advantages now, rather than what might happen in the future plans to combat short-termism among investors in British industry
Examples from the Corpus
short-termismPart of the reason for that, he contends, is our acute short-termism which could prove terminal.Whether the charge of investor short-termism is valid turns essentially on whether the stock market is efficient in pricing shares.The issue of short-termism is considered in more detail in Chapter 4.Why should short-termism be a feature of investment which the Government can influence?It may be some comfort to know that short-termism is not exactly a new concern.According to this view, short-termism is a feature of investments in firm-specific assets that have a low resale value outside the firm.
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