2 adverb

fall short of something

to be less than what you need, expected, or hoped for, or to fail to reach a satisfactory standard:
The Republicans increased their share of the vote, but still fell short of a majority.
Shares in the company dropped 26p yesterday, as profits fell short of City expectations.
fall short of a goal/target/ideal
The economy fell short of the Treasury's target of 2% growth.
fall far/a long way/well short of something
Facilities in these schools fall far short of the standards required.
One or two songs on the album are interesting, but most fall short of the mark (=are not good enough).

be running short (of/on something)

if you are running short of something, or if something is running short, it is being used up and there will soon not be enough left:
We're running short of coffee again.
Our supplies of petrol were running short.

stop short of doing something

to almost do something but then decide not to do it:
They accused the President of incompetence, but stopped short of calling for his resignation.

stop short

to suddenly stop speaking or stop what you are doing, because something has surprised you or you have just thought of something:
Seeing her tears, he stopped short.

be cut short

if something is cut short, it is stopped before you expect or before it is finished:
His career was tragically cut short when, at the age of 42, he died of a heart attack.

cut somebody short

to interrupt and stop someone when they are speaking:
I was halfway through my explanation when Walter cut me short.

pull/bring somebody up short

to surprise or shock someone so that they stop what they are doing or saying to think for a moment:
The question brought her up short, but after a moment's hesitation, she answered it.

3 metres/5 miles etc short of something

without reaching a place you are trying to get to, because you are still a particular distance from it:
The plane touched down 200 metres short of the runway.

two weeks/a month etc short of something

two weeks, a month etc before something:
He died two days short of his fifty-sixth birthday.

short of (doing) something

without actually doing something:
Short of locking her in her room, he couldn't really stop her from seeing Jack.

come up short

to fail to win or achieve something:
We've been to the state tournament four times, but we've come up short every time.

go short (of something)

British English to have less of something than you need:
She made sure that her children never went short.

be taken short/be caught short

British English informal to have a sudden strong need to go to the toilet when you are not near one

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