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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshortlyshort‧ly /ˈʃɔːtli $ ˈʃɔːrt-/ ●●● S3 W3 adverb  1 SOONsoon Ms Jones will be back shortly.shortly before/after something The accident happened shortly before midday.see thesaurus at soon2 RUDE/IMPOLITE written speaking in an impatient and unfriendly way syn abruptly ‘I’ve explained that already, ’ Rod said shortly.
Examples from the Corpus
shortly"I've already told them that, " Jim said shortly.We apologize for the delay -- the train will be leaving shortly.But this is not possible, as we shall see shortly!Price Waterhouse intends to publish the survey's results shortly.Ideally, Brown said, the city should host the Super Bowl in a new football stadium, sometime shortly after 1999.Wine is intended to be drunk, as I aim to be shortly after finishing this.Her last novel was published shortly after her death.We report on patients with chronic viral hepatitis who died of hepatic decompensation during or shortly after interferon alfa treatment.The incident remained in his mind and was reinforced by another experience he had shortly afterwards.The President will shortly be on his way to Italy for a trade conference.Jill quit the habit shortly before Christmas.The floating charge obtained recognition shortly before this.
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