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shortstopshort‧stop /ˈʃɔːtstɒp $ ˈʃɔːrtstɑːp/ noun [countable]  DSBa player on a baseball team who tries to stop any balls that are hit between second and third base2(7)
Examples from the Corpus
shortstopBut, as a shortstop, he had his problems.Padres closer Trevor Hoffman, lest we forget, started out as a shortstop.Word has it that Offerman will start at shortstop.Dunston expected the old times at shortstop to return.Philadelphia Phillie shortstop Kevin Stocker is among trade possibilities...I swear he could play shortstop.Rookie shortstop Jimmy Rollins, the only regular to play, tripled, singled, stole a base and scored two runs.The defense lapsed in the sixth, when shortstop Craig Shipley muffed a spinning grounder.
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