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shoulder to shoulder

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoulder to shouldershoulder to shoulderTOGETHER a) having the same aims and wanting to achieve the same thing syn side by sideshoulder to shoulder with We are working shoulder to shoulder with local residents. b) physically close together syn side by side Blacks and whites stood shoulder to shoulder in the stands to applaud. shoulder
Examples from the Corpus
shoulder to shoulderAlmost shoulder to shoulder they were lined along the road, hurling gravel non-stop under the wheels of the passing trucks.Before long I had rejoined the tribe, swaying shoulder to shoulder with them as I thumped on a cast-iron pan.Four old panel trucks sit shoulder to shoulder, looking like an art installation.In church they kept to their own groups, but here they jostled shoulder to shoulder, watchful and sulky.The milkweed and monarch, shoulder to shoulder, lock into a single system, an evolution toward and with each other.They stood shoulder to shoulder by the developing trays.They trod carefully away, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip.Uncle and nephew knelt shoulder to shoulder, hands cupped, heads bowed in the simple position of submission.
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