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shoulder your way through/into etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoulder your way through/into etcshoulder your way through/into etcPUSHto move through a large crowd of people by pushing with your shoulder He ran after her, shouldering his way through the crowd. shoulder
Examples from the Corpus
shoulder your way through/into etcSome surprise managed to shoulder its way into Jenner's turgid writing.They looked as though they could shoulder their way through solid rock and beat up a regiment of trolls into the bargain.Erlich shouldered his way through the crowd and went after her.He was curious and, shouldering his way through the crowd, made his way to St Mary Le Bow.Nicolo shouldered his way through the crowd towards the Princess.But wait, some one is shouldering their way through the crowd.I went in there, shouldered my way through the crowd.Bringing up the rear, Duke shouldered his way into the kitchen.
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