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show somebody the door

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshow somebody the doorshow somebody the doorLEAVE A PLACEto make it clear that someone is not welcome and should leave show
Examples from the Corpus
show somebody the doorSo they made it necessary for him to quit, gave him $ 3. 8 million and showed him the door.This means that you do not just show him the door.She lost her temper, started screaming, and was immediately shown the door.Then one of his bodyguards showed me the door.Hanmer said as he showed me to the door.His neighbours, who regard him as a hero, respectfully show you to the door.I hope that a general election will be held quickly, so that we can show the Government the door.In a slightly awkward movement, he shows her out the door.It's the polite way of showing you the door.Mrs Teal merely wished that Annie show Lois to the door.A couple of security guards showed me the door after they saw my camera.
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