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show your face

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshow your faceshow your faceGO TO/ATTENDif you will not show your face somewhere, you will not go there because you have a good reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about being there She never shows her face around here. show
Examples from the Corpus
show your faceIt was a dangerous place for a non-Italian to show his face.How's he gon na show his face?Not a weed dared to show its face.Old Harker never shows his face.Then one by one the other four women find a reason to show their faces.Wherever I showed my face, a thousand other faces immediately collected around it.She couldn't understand how he dared to show his face after what he had done to Mr Potter.At this palace, as at the other, servility shows its face and performs its tricks.So you must show your face at their door, bloody and bloodthirsty and raving.
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