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shrapnelshrap‧nel /ˈʃræpnəl/ noun [uncountable]  PMWsmall pieces of metal from a bomb, bullet etc that are scattered when it explodes a soldier with shrapnel wounds in his chest
Examples from the Corpus
shrapnelMany civilians suffered burns and shrapnel wounds.Hissing shells searched the dark thickets through, and shrapnel swept the road along which we moved.Trouble is, Piper, some people do not appreciate good music, especially when they are dodging flying shrapnel.Both animals had huge shrapnel wounds on their hindquarters.A month later he took a half pound of shrapnel in the lower back and thighs.As soon as the shrapnel flew by, we would immediately jump up.Even if the shrapnel misses, the concussion will knock you down.Nowhere to be seen when the shrapnel was flying.A bomb missed the Southampton by the breadth of the Admiral's Barge, and another showered the Edinburgh with shrapnel.shrapnel woundsHe said 56 people had treatment at the hospital, mostly for shrapnel wounds.Both animals had huge shrapnel wounds on their hindquarters.She incurred shrapnel wounds as well as third-degree burns.Ainslie, 56, suffered shrapnel wounds to his legs.I suffered shrapnel wounds in the buttocks and one arm.The other victims-five women and two men-suffered shrapnel wounds.
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