Language: Old English
Origin: screade


1 noun
1 [countable] a small thin piece that is torn or cut roughly from something
shred of
a shred of paper
tear/rip something to shreds
The clothes were ripped to shreds and covered in blood.

tear/rip something to shreds

to criticize someone very severely:
Within a year, other researchers had torn the theory to shreds.

in shreds

a) torn in many places:
Uncle Earl was exhausted and his shirt hung in shreds.
b) completely ruined:
His ambitious plan was in shreds.
If Myra gossips about this, my reputation will be in shreds.

shred of something

a very small amount of something:
There's not a shred of doubt (=no doubt at all) in my mind that we will win.
He does not have a shred of evidence (=none at all) to prove his claim.
the last shred of hope
! Usually used with negative words such as not, without, and hardly.

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