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shrineshrine /ΚƒraΙͺn/ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 RRa place that is connected with a holy event or holy person, and that people visit to prayshrine of/to πŸ”Š his pilgrimage to the shrine of St John2 VISITa place that people visit and respect because it is connected with a famous person or event πŸ”Š Elvis’ home has become a shrine for his fans.shrine to πŸ”Š The museum is a shrine to the great Spanish artist.
Examples from the Corpus
shrineβ€’ Hope then built a beautiful shrine at the other end of the village.β€’ Both shrines flourish today and co-operate ecumenically.β€’ the Lenin shrine in Moscowβ€’ a Shinto shrineβ€’ In the same fashion, they also brought down the Shinto shrine.β€’ You were more interested in having us bow before the shrine than teaching students.β€’ Kalchu took off his shoes and went into the shrine.β€’ Various offerings of Sake, branches and salt were made to the shrine that had been established on the site.β€’ To me, this voyage was something much more-it was a pilgrimage to the shrine of my philosophy.shrine of/toβ€’ Some fifty centres of the cult of the Magdalen also contain shrines to the Black Virgin.β€’ Q: Indeed, it seems St Joseph's has become a holy shrine to many.β€’ In the west of Ireland a small roadside shrine to the Virgin Mary stands almost alongside an equally modest stone circle.β€’ They opened fire on pilgrims at the shrine of Amarnath, southeast of Srinagar.β€’ Paramat stood by the doorway with the attitude of a tourist at the shrine of an exotic religious sect.β€’ Worship at the shrine of beauty is a distraction from true worship.β€’ To me, this voyage was something much more-it was a pilgrimage to the shrine of my philosophy.
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