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shrubshrub /ʃrʌb/ ●○○ noun [countable]  HBPa small bush with several woody stems
Examples from the Corpus
shrubShe ran round the outside of the house, barging past bushes and shrubs.Plant in the same way as for trees and shrubs, mulching the prepared ground with black plastic or strips of old carpet.Vern made for a bench in a concrete space with trees and shrubs scattered around in pots, and sat down.It also is useful to wrap this synthetic material around shrubs that are prone to freeze damage.Inside, the complex is immaculate, with neatly trimmed shrubs and rose bushes lining each building.This created a natural nursery for every kind of indigenous wildflower, shrub, and tree.The Stewarts live in a two-story house with shrubs out front.Little young shrubs lined the drive growing in finely sifted black earth behind a neat strip of cropped grass.
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