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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshrubberyshrub‧be‧ry /ˈʃrʌbəri/ noun (plural shrubberies)  1 HBP[uncountable] shrubs planted close together a tangled mass of overgrown shrubbery2 HBP[countable] a part of a garden where shrubs are planted close together
Examples from the Corpus
shrubberyShe pulled through the clutching shrubbery and skimmed back up the steps, realizing she was leaving footprints of damp earth.Often, for shrubbery to thrive, it first had to be hacked to the ground.A neat lawn surrounded by rows of shrubbery hugged the base of the red-brick building.The background was almost white, with a few twirls of shrubbery gnaw-ing at the ground.Now and then the gleam of a flashlight would wink out through the shrubbery.She pushed through the shrubbery and glimpsed part of a bright blue coat.People across the river can not see through the shrubbery, which stands in dense clusters, taller than a man.In the dream she and her father were walking together through the shrubbery.
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