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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshrunkenshrunk‧en /ˈʃrʌŋkən/ adjective [usually before noun]  SMALLhaving become smaller or been made smaller a shrunken old woman
Examples from the Corpus
shrunkenShe looked frail and shrunken.She felt now a dulled sense of degradation: she felt depraved and diminished and shrunken and old.It was a shrunken Frank, whose body seemed to have contracted out of sympathy with his shrivelled spirit.The car was driven by a man so shrunken his head hardly protruded above the steering-wheel.The physical manifestation of his manhood, as always in repose, appeared a shrunken, insignificant part of him.His shrunken skin becomes filled out and loses its coldness and pallor.Her head was shrunken under a tight-fitting felt hat.
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