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shuffle your feet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshuffle your feetshuffle your feetEMBARRASSEDto move your feet slightly, especially because you are bored or embarrassed Monica shuffled her feet nervously and stared at the floor. shuffle
Examples from the Corpus
shuffle your feetPeople cease to cough or sniff or shuffle their feet.So I breathe out long and slowly, and I shuffle my feet.Archie shuffled his feet and looked as if he'd like to vanish up his parlour chimney.She looked down and shuffled her feet inanely.Des shuffles his feet, like he's just the driver and didn't oughta be around.This only discomfited the coroner further, he stared down at the floor and shuffled his feet like some clumsy schoolboy.Monica shuffled her feet nervously and stared at the floor.Standing at the kitchen counter, shuffling his feet to the music, he caught himself smiling from ear to ear.
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