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shut your eyes/ears to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshut your eyes/ears to somethingshut your eyes/ears to somethingSHUT/CLOSEto deliberately refuse to notice or pay attention to something We ought not to shut our eyes to these facts. She heard the boys shouting to her to stop, but she shut her ears to them. shut
Examples from the Corpus
shut your eyes/ears to somethingShe shut her eyes against it all; shut her eyes to open them again on to the harmless horizon.She shut her eyes to shut everything out.Sometimes she even managed to shut her ears to the arguments going on around her.Rincewind tried to shut his ears to the grating voice beside him.Claudia sank down on to her bed and tried to shut her ears to the sound of him in the next room.They could not shut their eyes to the ugly and degrading side of wine-drinking and see only the delightful side.We must not shut our ears to the voices of suffering people.She heard the boys hurling abuse at her, shouting to her to stop, but she shut her ears to them.
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