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shutteredshut‧tered /ˈʃʌtəd $ -ərd/ adjective  DHwith closed shutters, or having shutters A gust of wind shook the shuttered windows.
Examples from the Corpus
shutteredEvery window was shuttered along the street.The room was shuttered and smelt of oily rags and leather.Dawn broke as the field passed through a shuttered Bridgetown, and I began to pass through the field.Most likely to suffer are concrete block houses built in the Twenties and Thirties and earlier buildings where shuttered concrete was employed.He propelled me off the terrace and through the shuttered dining-room.There was no emotion in his shuttered expression.On the western side of the house a shuttered window corresponded to the door at the end of Conchis's bedroom.The cottages and rustic buildings are typically Sardinian in style with terracotta roofs, shuttered windows and high-beamed ceilings.Although the exterior of the Oberland is very traditional with shuttered windows festooned with flowers and the interior decor is quite modern.
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