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sicknesssick‧ness /ˈsɪknəs/ ●●○ noun  1 [uncountable]ILL the state of being ill syn illness an insurance policy against long-term sickness and injury working days lost due to sicknesssee thesaurus at illness2 [uncountable]SICK/VOMIT the feeling that you are about to bring up food from your stomach, or the act of bringing food up syn nauseatravel/motion/car/sea etc sickness (=sickness that some people get while travelling) Liam had suffered violent sickness and diarrhoea. morning sickness, sleeping sickness3 [countable]ILLNESS/DISEASE a particular illness war-related sicknesses4 [countable, uncountable]PROBLEM the serious problems and weaknesses of a social, political, or economic system He said the idea of ‘success’ was part of the sickness of Western cultures.
Examples from the Corpus
sicknessMake sure you have arranged mortgage Protection Cover and, if possible, insure yourself against sickness, redundancy or accident.Last summer altitude sickness ruined one Sierra trip of mine and half-ruined another.In the meantime the steady trickle of deaths from wounds and sickness continued.And, you can usually arrange sickness or redundancy benefit to cover your monthly repayments, for a small premium each month.It was possible to examine sickness absence within an organisation with a single sickness absence policy.But it was not sickness, not unpleasant.The fields there are a source of a lot of sickness, particularly with the pollution.One estimate puts the cost in terms of sickness absence alone at over £700 million a year.Many veterans claim the army has not compensated them for war-related sicknesses.They said that the murders were a sign of a new, terrible sickness in our society.Several crew members had to leave due to sickness and exhaustion.travel/motion/car/sea etc sicknessThey were useful for treating allergic disorders and also as sedatives and remedies for motion sickness.Scopolamine is used for travel sickness.Recovery from the effects of travel sickness is very rapid.Travel Bands wrist bands to prevent travel sickness, £6.50.In fact, some players report motion sickness.We are investigating the possibility that motion sickness may be a factor in the unpleasantness of transportation.They were able to read without the usual motion sickness they frequently get riding in a car.By manipulating how the virtual scene moves with your body movements, we may be able to help people with motion sickness.
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